When Do The Book Of Boba Fett Episodes Come Out?

We know you’re excited for the new Boba Fett series, and we don’t want you to miss a single episode! Here’s when the Book of Boba Fett episodes are set to air.

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The Book of Boba Fett is an upcoming live-action TV series set in the Star Wars universe. It will be released on Disney+ in December 2021. The series will focus on the character of Boba Fett, who was introduced in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back.

What is the Book of Boba Fett?

The Book of Boba Fett is an upcoming American television series created by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. It is a spin-off of The Mandalorian and stars Temuera Morrison as the title character. It is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in December 2021.

When do the Book of Boba Fett episodes come out?

The release date for the highly anticipated Disney+ show The Book of Boba Fett has been announced. The show will premiere on December 16, 2021, just in time for the holidays. This will be a spin-off series from The Mandalorian and will feature the titular character Boba Fett, who was first introduced in The Empire Strikes Back.

The show will be set in the time period between Return of the Jedi and The Mandalorian, and will follow Boba Fett as he establishes himself as the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. While little is known about the plot at this time, it is sure to be full of action and adventure. With such a talented team behind it, including executive producer Jon Favreau and director Peyton Reed, The Book of Boba Fett is sure to be a hit with fans old and new.

Who is Boba Fett?

Boba Fett is a Mandalorian bounty hunter featured in Star Wars. He first appears in The Empire Strikes Back as a mysterious figure hired by Darth Vader to capture Han Solo, and he quickly became one of the franchise’s most popular characters. He later appeared in Return of the Jedi, The Mandalorian, and several spin-off works.

The History of Boba Fett

The exact date of Boba Fett’s birth is unknown, but he was born sometime between 32 and 29 BBY. He was born on Concord Dawn, a planet located in the Mandalore system, to Jango and Neela Dickinson. His father was a Mandalorian bounty hunter and his mother was a human woman. Not much is known about his childhood, but it is known that he spent some time on Kamino where he was trained by the Mandalorian warrior 392. It is also known that he had at least one sister, named Ba’buir.

At some point prior to the Clone Wars, Boba Fett left Concord Dawn and began working as a bounty hunter. During the Clone Wars, he worked for both the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Republic. He also formed a brief partnership with the clone commando Omega Squad before going solo again.

During the Galactic Civil War, Boba Fett worked for both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. He also worked for Jabba the Hutt on occasion. After the Battle of Endor, Boba Fett tracked down Luke Skywalker to Tatooine in an attempt to collect a bounty placed on him by Darth Vader. However, he was defeated by Skywalker and fell into the Great Pit of Carkoon where he was eaten by a sarlacc.

The Return of Boba Fett

The long-awaited return of Boba Fett is finally upon us! In addition to the new season of The Mandalorian, fans can expect to see the launch of several new Star Wars TV shows in the near future, one of which will focus on everyone’s favorite bounty hunter. Here’s everything we know about The Book of Boba Fett so far.

The Book of Boba Fett will premiere on December 4th, 2021, on Disney+. This will be a stand-alone series that is set after the events of Return of the Jedi. It will follow Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) and Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) as they work together to become the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunters.

Lucasfilm has not released much information about the series, but they have teased that it will be “action-packed” and “full of surprises.” The Book of Boba Fett is being written and executive produced by Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and Robert Rodriguez. Favreau and Filoni are also executive producing The Mandalorian, so it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about creating great Star Wars content.

The Book of Boba Fett is just one of many new Star Wars shows that are in development for Disney+. In addition to The Mandalorian, fans can also look forward to season 2 of The Clone Wars, Andor, Ranger of the New Republic, Lando, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Valewake, Acolyte, and more. It’s an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan!

The Fate of Boba Fett

Many viewers were left wondering what happened to Boba Fett after he fell into the Sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi. In the new season of The Mandalorian, we finally get some answers.

The Book of Boba Fett is a spin-off series that will focus on the titular bounty hunter. It was announced at the same time as The Mandalorian season 2, and will debut on Disney+ in December 2021.

While we don’t know much about the series just yet, it’s safe to assume that it will continue the trend of being a visually stunning Star Wars show with an intriguing story. Given that it’s focused on Boba Fett, we can also expect plenty of action and adventure.

The Legacy of Boba Fett

The first Boba Fett episode is set to release on December 16, 2020. Star Wars fans were first introduced to Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back as the bounty hunter who captured Han Solo and delivered him to Jabba the Hutt. He appeared in Return of the Jedi, but his most memorable moment was his death at the hands of Darth Vader. Despite his brief time on screen, Boba Fett became one of the most popular Star Wars characters.

In the Star Wars expanded universe, Boba Fett survived his encounter with Vader and went on to have many more adventures. This will be the focus of the new Boba Fett episodes. The show will follow Boba Fett as he embarks on a new bounty hunting mission.

Fans have been waiting a long time for a Boba Fett show, and they will finally get their wish in 2020.


Unfortunately, we do not have any information regarding the release of the Book of Boba Fett episodes. We hope that this article has helped clear up any confusion.

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The Book of Boba Fett is an upcoming American web television series set in the Star Wars universe. It will premiere on Disney+ in December 2021. Boba Fett, a Bounty Hunter, will be the main character of the show.

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