Is Moiraine Exiled In The Books?

Moiraine and Siuan consult old prophesies in order to lead the Dragon Reborn to their destiny. While there is no banishment in the novels, Siuan and Moiraine operate in secret with the prospect of being stopped if they are ever discovered.

Similarly, Does Moiraine get cut off from the source in the books?

Moiraine becomes a gigantic badass towards the conclusion of the novel The Eye of the World. She’s cut off from the Source, and she’s compelled to keep Rand in her arms while he fights Ishamael with his thoughts. Moiraine can’t touch the One Power, as we discover in one of the season’s last episodes.

Also, it is asked, What book does Moiraine rescued in?

Moiraine Damodred disappeared via a gateway ter’angreal in Cairhien while facing the Forsaken Lanfear at the conclusion of The Fires of Heaven. All those who know about this in The Wheel of Time presume she and Lanfear perished when the ter’angreal was destroyed.

Secondly, Does Moiraine get her powers back in the books?

Nynaeve found a new way of Healing in Lord of Chaos, the sixth book in the Wheel of Time series, that is practically a cure for gentling and stilling. She was able to restore some of the characters’ skills to channel the One Power using it.

Also, Is Lan in love with Moiraine?

Despite their unusual intimacy, Moiraine and Lan are not romantically attracted to their Warders, as other Aes Sedai are. Nonetheless, their connection is one of the most crucial in the series, and it is hoped that it will continue to drive the tale for seasons to come.

People also ask, Can the Dragon Reborn be a woman?

The issue is that authority is divided between male and female halves. It’s impossible for the Dragon to reincarnate as a woman.

Related Questions and Answers

Who does Rand end up with in Wheel of Time?

Farshaw, Min Min is Rand’s second female lover and the only one of his consorts who stays at his side at all times. Min’s philosophical expertise aids Rand in determining how to deal with the Dark One, while her love keeps Rand grounded and connected to his humanity.

Does Thom survive the fade?

When Thom fights a fading in The Eye of the World, Rand and Matt both expect he will die. Later on, we find that he survives the battle, but the fight itself remains a mystery.

Why did Matt not go into the ways Wheel of Time?

He might be delaying the journey to the Eye of the World out of fear of being discovered as the Dragon Reborn. There’s also the dagger to consider. Moiraine’s taint may still be distorting Mat’s judgment if she didn’t entirely heal him.

Are all Aes Sedai lesbians?

Between one-third and half of all Aes Sedai (perhaps slightly more) are homosexual or (mostly) bisexual to some degree. This is due in large part to the difficulty of relationships with men: men age and die, and many men find a connection with a woman to be so strong.

Was Logan gentle in the books?

This book does not include any mention of Logain. Taim and his men have caught Logain and are trying to convert him to the Shadow using 13 Myrddraal and 13 channelers, but they are compelled to utilize male channelers, which slows the process down.

Who did Moiraine bond LAN to?

Moiraine gave Myrelle the connection after she “saved” two other warders in the similar situation.

How old is LAN wot?

Lan Mandragoran (b. 953 NE, 47) is a character in the game Lan Mandragoran (Lord of Chaos, Glossary). Laras was in her late twenties and rather attractive in New Spring, The Human Heart, thus she was in her late twenties in 978 NE, and she is now 48–50.

Who are the 5 possible Dragon Reborn?

The Aes Sedai’s Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) decreed that the Dragon Reborn must be one of five young peasants from the Two Rivers: Rand (Josha Stradowski), Perrin (Marcus Rutherford), Mat (Barney Harris), Egwene (Madeleine Madden), or Nynaeve (Zo Robins) at the start of the program.

How old is Rand in the book?

Rand, Mat, Perrin, and Egwene are the same age at the start of the TV program as they are at the start of the novel series, which surprised me (The boys are 20 years old and Egwene is 18). The characters in the novels seem to be considerably younger than ordinary 18-20 year olds.

Who are Rand’s three wives?

Rand is connected to his three loves, Min Farshaw, Elayne Trakand, and Aviendha of the Taardad Aiel’s Sept of the Nine Valleys; he is also bonded to Alanna Mosvani, but reluctantly. Elayne is expecting twins with him. Aviendha will have four children from Min at the same time, according to Min’s visions.

Does Rand end up with Elayne?

From EOTW, you already know he ends up with elayne, min, and aviendha. Min meets three individuals in a vision of Rand.

Who is Rand’s father?


Is Thom Elayne’s father?

Elayne’s father is not Thom.

Was Thom Merrilin a warder?

Moiraine Damodred’s Warder and Thomdril “Thom” Merrilin (TOM MER-rih-lihn) is a gleeman and former Andor court bard. Moiraine Damodred’s Warder and Thomdril “Thom” Merrilin (TOM MER-rih-lihn) is a gleeman and former Andor court bard.

Does the gleeman survive?

As a consequence, Thom had a lifelong limp, yet he was still able to work as a gleeman. Since the TV version of Thom seems to have the same combat talents as his book counterpart, he might be one of the few non-channelers in the program that can go toe-to-toe with a Fade and come out on top.

Does Mat stay behind in the books?

As the gang enters the Waygate, Mat Cauthon remains behind. This might be due to the fact that actor Barney Harris left the program after season 1; Mat will be played by a new actor in season 2. We’re not sure why Harris was replaced, but it seems that he didn’t get to shoot all of Mat’s scenes from the novels before leaving.

Why did the Wolf Lick Perrin?

Later in the episode, we learn that Perrin has mystical abilities that attract wolves. The wolves not only lead Perrin, but they also aid save his life by licking the Trolloc poisoned wound.

Is Nynaeve al Meara the Dragon Reborn?

Nynaeve put her hat into the ring of becoming the Dragon Reborn with an outstanding demonstration of channeling the One Power in the last seconds of episode 4, after previously demonstrating her powers as a healer and fighter earlier in the episode.

Is elaida Black Ajah?

When Doesine, Pevara, Saerin, Seaine, and Yukiri compel her to re-swear the three vows, they expose her true identity as Black Ajah. Elaida, she maintains, is also Black Ajah. When Talene is summoned to appear before the Supreme Council, Saerin conceals her in the White Tower’s lower basement.

Did Nynaeve get taken in the books?

What is Nynaeve now? Nynaeve is OK, don’t worry. She was simply taken away by a Trolloc, and everyone assumed she was dead. She escapes the raid without being taken in the novels, but she does not accompany the rest of the gang to Two Rivers.

Does Perrin love Egwene in books?

Perrin never says anything about being in love with Egwene before or after this. That’s because he doesn’t care about Egwene. They share a plutonic platonic friendship, which is bolstered by her engagement to one of his closest pals. By the way, this is why he’s offended by Aram’s approaches.


Moiraine is a main character in the “Wheel of Time” series. In the books, she is exiled and never seen again. This question is asking if Moiraine died in the books.

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